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    I played the new Costco 3 piece ball. They felt great around the greens but lost distance on my driver and irons compared to my normal balls(Wilson duo and top flite gamer soft). I’ll pass on these new Costco balls...not for my swing and need all the distance I can get ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by justdoeit View Post
    It's in the Sept 2016 Conforming balls list:

    Kirkland Signature with Signature in red
    Tour Performance
    colour: white
    construction: 4P-SC-3c
    spin rating: M-H
    dimples: 360
    country: KOR
    manufacturer: Nassau Golf Co., Ltd.

    didn't see Nassau as a manufacturer of any other known brand ball (titleist: acushnet, callaway: callaway, etc)
    Are the callaway balls still available? Thanks.

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