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    Putting problem in team play

    Team A's putts are both away against Team B on a par 5 and are both putting for birdie.
    Team A player 1 putts and leaves it 5 ft short. (Dang!)
    Team A player 2 would like Team A player 1 to putt out to see if he can sink the par putt.
    Here is the problem: for Team A player 1 to take his stance he would be stepping on the line of a Team B player.
    Can Team A player 1 putt out?
    Or, have Team B player putt first?
    Or can the Team B player refuse?

    Seems unfair that Team B should be put at a disadvantage but Team A player 2 could make a more aggressive birdie putt roll if he knew his partner was in for par.
    Hope my explanation makes sense.

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    A can request B to play first but B may refuse. If B does play first A cannot require him to play again in the correct order.


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    I think Decision 30-3b/1 is the one you are looking for:

    Player Entitled to Putt Stands on Another Player's Line of Putt

    Q.A and B are partners in a four-ball match. A's ball is closer to the hole than any other ball and it is B's turn to play. Side A-B decide that A will putt before B - Rule 30-3b. However, in doing so A would be standing on B's line of putt or the line of putt of an opponent. What is the ruling?

    A.A would be entitled to putt first even if he would be standing on B's line. Rule 30-3b overrides Rule 16-1a, which prohibits touching the line of putt.

    A would also be entitled to putt first if he would be standing on an opponent's line of putt. However, it would be a sporting gesture for Side A-B to relinquish A's right to putt first in these circumstances.

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