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    Questions about Refinishing my NAPA

    Hi there was wondering is there anybody in Ottawa that can refinish my scotty I just got a Napa Limited edition 2006. I would really like to get a black pearl finish on it if possible
    Thoughts from the scotty lovers out there


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    i've not heard of anyone in the ottawa area that can do that. they only ones I know of are in the US.
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    I had mine done in black pearl by West Coast PVD in California. There is a minimum charge of $300 to get a batch done. It worked out to around $20/head, $10/shaft, and I ended up sending in 8 putters and the rest in putter shafts. I know that since then, he won't deal with most people because he had some problems with people wanting the work done quickly. I waited 3-4 months, and didn't hassle him about it.

    So, if you want that putter done in black pearl, call and see if he will still accept putter heads/shafts... and ask for Brian.

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    I can. Have done some NAPA's in the past. Sent you an PM. Let me know.

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    Bogie ROLLYGOLF7 is on a distinguished road
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    how much ?

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