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Thread: XE1 Wedge

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    XE1 Wedge

    Anyone own an XE 1 wedge?

    I think it's probably a good wedge for higher handicapped players

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    Looks like an Alien wedge...Not sure how well they work...

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    Not sure if it's like an alien. The Alien has a huge bounce on it. It looks more like a Maltby slider with hardly any bounce so the club can glide.

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    I'd get a Cleveland Smart Sole wedge or one of the Niblick predecessors before going with something like this - very similar but from a solid maker that will hold its value better.

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    I have been looking at them too. Gets a little crazy though from a cost standpoint with no Canadian distributor...
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    I play with a fellow that has one and I have tried it many times.
    It appears its intent is to allow a bigger swing when chipping onto the green. It reduces the finesse needed for a delicate chip. It has a 65 degree face angle, so energy goes up rather than forward. Its only useful from about 20-30 yards, longer than that it needs a mighty big blow. If you can't constantly chip the ball or have trouble getting out of the sand, then its a great option.
    But I think 2 short game lessons are a better way to spend the money.
    Of course this is just my opinion, the bounce is huge, but I think its the loft that makes the most difference.

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