Quick review of the ES16. It now works great with TGC and has club and ball data displayed.

Connection is via Bluetooth with the ES16 TGC interface. Works flawless.once connected you need a TGC liscence and your off to the races. Club and ball data are both displayed.

The unit requires the logo to be displayed for ball recognition. Future update will allow for spin recognition from dimple imperfections so no need off lining the logo up. no biggie. Once the light turns green, your good to go. You need to select the club you are hitting. TGC automatically selects this based on your yardage. Once you hit, the shot to show time is about 2 seconds. All aspects at working from driver to putting. I am seeing was out 95% shots going with the occasional no read. Overall it works great with TGC. The free range app is also quite nice.

Next week I will test with ES and post a review.