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Thread: Is this crazy?

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    Is this crazy?

    Hey guys,

    I always find these little tips or have people give me little tips to help out when my game is going sideways and typically these tips work for a very short period and then another problem creeps in.

    I was at a local golf school yesterday and the pro showed me this video yesterday, at first I thought it was silly but then when I did the little training tips he showed along with a little explanation from the pro it made perfect sense. I then proceeded to hit balls and the feeling was night and day and my swing video was completely different with the couple tips from the video.

    Have a look at this video and let me know what you guys think, will this be another couple day fix or have I actually found the answer to my poor takeaway and weight shift on the downswing. Actually I don't really know what this fixes but I've never had my swing feel so balanced and powerful.

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    Did I just get Rick-rolled? Where is the video, Pat??

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    Making Cuts habsfan is on a distinguished road habsfan's Avatar
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    Sorry not sure why it embedded wrong - here it is.

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    Remove the s from https to embed a youtube video on the forum
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