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    Web Design Services - Is your current website mobile friendly?

    Google has recently changed the requirements for websites to have “responsive design”. A responsive website is easily view-able on mobile phones and tablets and this is also where most users are looking to find your site. Responsive designs prevent the user from awkward zooming and sideways scrolling to find important information when viewing a page’s content on mobile devices. This is now critically important because Google is no longer going to rank your site for easy access if it is not in this new mobile friendly design format.

    Since Google no longer even lists non-responsive sites at all for users searching on mobile devices this makes it imperative that websites be made compliant (or responsive) as mobile use continues to grow.

    Here are a couple of articles from Google that expand on this new policy:


    If you would like to enhance your site so that it is find-able with Google searches on mobile devices and possibly give your brand and image an uplift at the same time, I would be pleased to discuss my website design services with you.

    Please review the following websites that I redesigned to make them responsive as I did for OttawaGolf. Look at them on both your desktop and your mobile phone.

    I also offer photography services if needed.
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