Further to my Store Simulator thread, I believe my high back spin is causing distance loss.

Here are my stats...

Age 57
Experience - Occasional Golfer (10-15 games a year)

Swing Speed 90-100 mph
Launch 15-17*
Smash 130
Back Spin 4000-6000 rpm
Carry 185-200
Total Distance 190-220

I believe I should be able to achieve 230-250 Total Distance based on Swing Speed (is this realistic?)

I currently use a RBZ Stage 2 13* Driver with Senior Flex.
I purchased a Senior style Club believing I had a 75-85 mph swing.
I've tried setting loft anywhere from 11.5 to 14*.
The higher I set it the less distance I get.
I've had a 9.5* RBZ with Stiff Flex and achieved stats similar to above or a little less.
I've used various Balls as I don't really notice a difference between a low compression ball (Wilso Duo, Noodle) or a regular ball (Titlest, etc)
I've tried changing my swing plane.
I've changed my grip
I've tried hitting up on ball (results are a balloon ball)
However, I just keep gettig the same results

I've tried the new TM R15, SLDR, SLDR S and Ping G30 LS TEC clubs believing that their low spin tech would help me.
Not really!

Any suggestions?