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    Store Simulators

    I was looking into buying a new Driver.
    I first went to Golftown and tried several Drivers on their simulators.
    I'm 57 and an occasional Golfer (10-15 games a year)
    It gave me the following information on my swing patterns...

    Swing Speed 73-86 mph
    Launch 19-23*
    Smash 112
    Backspin 2000 - 4000 rpm
    Carry 156-170
    Total Distance 170-185

    I then went to Nevada Bob's to test out same Clubs there.
    On thier FlightScope, I got the following results after several swings....

    Swing Speed 93-102 mph
    Launch 15-17*
    Smash 130-132
    Backspin 4000-6000 rpm
    Carry 185-205
    Total Distance 200-225

    What a large variance in readings!!!!!
    Nevada Bobs readings are closer to my actual Course experience.

    Why so different?
    It makes it difficult to judge a Clubs with such inaccurate readings.
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    These #'s are typical of a golfer who makes contact all over the face of the driver witch would suggest a a swingpath flaw coupled with a negative angle of attack and a driver that is way to long to hit the middle of the face more consistently.

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