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    Golf Instructor for a Brand new golfer in early 50s

    Hey Guys. I took up golf more seriously when I worked at a golf course when I was 16. Unlike many people I got into the game when my dad has only ever played a few times. We went on a family trip a few months back and I brought the clubs...dad mentioned for the first time that he would maybe like to get into the game a bit...to be able to play with me a handful of times a summer and on trips like the one we were on. Me and the rest of the family are thinking that it would make a good father's day gift to get him some lessons just so that he gets started with some good fundamentals (something I wish I had done).

    Like I say he is not looking to join any tours any time soon but he would like to be able to enjoy the game. I may do the lessons with him if that made sense too.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on teachers in the area who might be a good fit for this kind of situation. My dad lives out in Greely but we would be open to going wherever within reason.

    I know there are a number of instructor recommendations in this forum but I thought I'd ask about this rather specific situation.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    I took up golf as a complete beginner in my forties six years ago and started with lessons with Colin Orr out at Falcon Ridge....he was great and helped me lay a solid foundation. I still try and see him every now and again and highly recommend him.

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    It's a bit of a drive for you but I highly recommend both Gregg & Joe at the 19th tee and my wife and sister in law(shot 89 last weekend) as beginners has taken a number of lessons with them,

    The other thing, Gregg and Joe run a winter golf school in Kanata, so you and your father could give them a try them talk about possibly joining the school this coming winter. My buddies and I do a once a week "mens night" there. A single lesson may help you fix a flaw, but winter golf school allows Gregg and Joe to really help you in small chunks all winter long.

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    Golftec is a great choice. Indoor location so the weather is perfect during summer lessons and all your lesson are available online for review in the future.

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