Posted this over on golfwrx this morning but figured some of you guys here might have some insight on this also:

Over the last while I've been struggling with getting what I would call a "heavy hit". I assume this is a steep angle of attack since I rarely hit turf before ball, but on a driving range mat the strike always comes with a pretty heavy THUD. This drives me crazy because it just doesn't sound as pure or effortless as it should. Ball normally flies a good distance (190 or so 6iron) and with good height. The only way I can sorta get rid of this thud is to really feel like I swing merry go round around my body which gives me the sensation of really throwing the club out in front of me into impact. Either that or hanging on my back foot instead of getting to my left side. I don't think swinging this way is any more desirable. I also feel like I can't get comfortable taking the club back, like it always wants to go back on an angle like this / from the ball (to the outside). This type of hit is pretty consistent through the bag. Club like Driver I always struggle with getting it nice and high up in the air. I always have a very low launch angle, despite 110+mph clubhead speed.

My miss is typically a hook over the target or with driver especially a big block to the right.

I've started to think that perhaps it has to do with the way I'm setting up to the ball and possibly the lie angle of the club.

I've attached some crude photos to try and illustrate, obviously not 100% accurate as I only have 1 hand on the club, the photos below are of a 6 iron:

This is how I wan't to set up to the ball, with the face square(ish) to my line, hands forward to give some forward shaft lean. I would say there is probably a 75* angle between shaft and clubface. I guess you could say it seems similar to a hockey stick. In this photo I still see the grooves on the face but have I taken all the loft off the club?

In this photo I feel like there has to be a huge cup in my left wrist and the shaft feels like it's leaning backward behind the ball. I also find that the club wants to fan open at address to about 45*. In order to try and line up leading edge and shaft the toe is sitting down quite a bit.

Any insight or suggestions would be great.