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    Skytrak Questions

    Couple questions for Skytrak users and beta testers... I currently have a pretty good optishot build in the garage but the wife and I are looking for something more accurate. I was convinced that the GC2 was the way to go but am now considering the skytrak route. Just had a couple questions. I am primarily interested in sim use and driving range.

    A. Wifi is sometimes spotty in the garage, I know that currently, it only connects to Ipad via wifi, but is there at least a usb port on the unit to give one hope that it could have direct hookup capabilities to a PC for future use with E6 or WGT? Seems strange to only offer wifi as a connection option. What do you guys do when you are at the range or outside and there is no wifi?

    B. Along the same lines as above, with regard to battery. I understand it is wireless and has about a 4hr battery life, can the unit be run if it is dead and plugged into the charger? ie. what if we are golfing for more than 4hrs in garage?

    Thats all i can think of for now, most of the other stuff is already covered on here. Thanks.

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    A-It can connect directly through wifi, you do not need a home wifi network or any wifi network to function. It creates it's own and then the ipad see's it and you can then connect. I have used it at the range with no issues.
    B-I have used it while it was plugged in.

    Currently skytrak has no sim option, only driving range and some games, closest to pin, longest drive, target practice. There is a mini or micro usb connection, can't remember which, but not sure if it's planned for direct connection or just charging. They are planning on sim play as well as PC and android compatability, just not sure when it will be available.
    For GC2, you know what you are getting, a great unit but for a much larger cost. You can still get Protee software with TGC, but who knows how much longer that will last. Otherwise you will have to get one of their software options.

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    I am currently testing Skytrak with E6 and it's soon to be ready. I will soon b testing Skytrak with Perfect golf as well.

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    A. If you're spending thousands to build a sim, will a few more bucks for better wifi kill you? There is no usb

    B. Extension cord

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