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    My wife has just taken up the sport after going out 4 times, she is left handed and is looking at getting lessons, but not sure where to go.

    Looking for suggestions.

    Second part to this is I am looking to get 2-3 lessons myself to try and lower my handicap. Shoot mid 80's. We live in South Keys, so preferably close, but will travel.

    Thanks in advance
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    Andres Sanchez at Loch March (Danielle Nadon Golf). An excellent teacher and left handed. Three lesson packages available (I just bought one for my brother!). Highly recommended.


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    One couldn't do any better either in terms of proximity to you or the quality of his approach to teaching than Dave Kalil at the newly refurbished Ottawa Hunt & Golf Course practice/teaching facility.
    As you'll see if you do have lessons with him, the Piano Man sings at both his disciplines...
    He offers single and two-person lessons, so it may also serve you to go together.
    Living in the South Keys area myself, it was quite convenient for me to go there as well.
    No need to be a member of the club either.
    Best of luck to you both.

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    Colin Orr is a great teacher out of Falcon Ridge which is near you...I highly recommend him

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