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    Strong grip vs weak grip

    Having this argument with some friends. I have always believed that in a strong grip the V's of both hands point to the right shoulder(for a right handed golfer)

    However take a look at the pics below.I think the second set of pics is more correct. Comments?

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    I would agree with the first series more. I think the lead hand is more important than the trailing hand when determining grip strength.

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    Bottom series is correct.

    Agree that the top hand is more important but where your bottom hand sits impacts what the top hand does.

    If you take the above (wrong example) you have a strong top hand and weak bottom hand and they just get in the way of the other. Your bottom or right hand can't pronate any farther so you lose whatever advantage you are trying to gain with a strong top hand...meanwhile your left wrist will try to extend to compensate to match your right hand which is a disaster. If you are going to do this you are better off just going neutral with both.

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    Seems odd to me. In the first set the neutral grip seems to be actually the stronger grip with the right hand. In the second series it seems to me that the strong grip is over exaggerated. The right palm should be over the left thumb and not under it. Also, I don't see why you would have one hand strong and the other weaker than it should be. Both hands should work together. To me the first series neutral grip is plenty strong and is correct. If you want a stronger grip that is fine but then both hands should be moved stronger and not just one which seems to be the case in the second set strong.

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