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    Baffle curtain for ceiling

    Golfsimxpert, you mentioned using a baffle curtain to protect the ceiling on another thread. We see these used in many simulators like AboutGolf and HDGolf however they are not readily available. Can you post some pictures of a baffle curtain setup as well as side curtains that are on a track system that you would be able to sell? It would be a good setup for those of us who use our garage if we would be able to slide the side curtains out of the way for parking. I would also like to slide the baffle curtain back somewhat to expose the ceiling when not in use.

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    This is the best baffle ceiling This will help eliminate the stray reflection of the stage. They can also be used for sidewalls, rear walls or suspended on the ceiling. Larger ceiling baffle system, such as our 600x1200x50mm or 1200x1200x50mm sizes are ideal for church applications.

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    I have a 100-inch projector screen that is good for the projection. It gives me clear pictures!
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