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    Putter Tommy D is on a distinguished road
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    Simulator Package

    Hi, I am looking at purchasing a Optishot package from
    Virtual-golf-simulator.com - has anyone dealt with this company ? The package includes everything you would need including the projector and computer, putting green, mat, screen, netting, etc. They are running a special $1,895 - is this a good deal ? Any thoughts ? Thanks.

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    I am interested in the same package. Let me know if you pull the trigger

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    Pitching Wedge Unkynd is on a distinguished road
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    Never dealt with them, but the old saying... if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Figure $400 for the optishot, $800 for the computer, $400 for the screen, $600 for the projector; not to mention the netting, mat, putting green; they have to be using bottom of the barrel materials for literally every component to get to that price point.

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    No exp with said company, but just for the sake of saying so. I had a friend buy an optishot and he was having probs getting the software installed. Long story short, I got it to install and run fine on a laptop with basic on board video card. My point being, any computer they're giving in the deal is some bottom barrel nothing, as is the projector I assume. They obviously give no details for a reason.

    With that said, and seriously not trying to be a hater, don't get the optishot. It's an over priced video game that will leave any decent player laughing at how inaccurate it is. I don't care how "dialed in" you get the lighting and club taping. Save your money.

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    I would agree on passing on the optishot at that price. I for the life of me could not get the lighting correct and therefore had really inaccurate readings. I now have the P3 pro and it seems to at least be way more consistant. But it has it's limitations as well. If you are set on getting this, i would piece it together yourself and save some $$.

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