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    Putter murphyk is on a distinguished road
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    Truestrike lead-times

    I'm in the process of ordering all my gear for my home simulator, and decided to go for the truestrike gel section recessed into the floor.

    I'm in the UK, Truestrike are in the UK, and so it should be nice and quick...

    Nope. Two weeks ago they said the end of March. They are now saying mid May!

    Has anyone any experience of their order process or knowledge of how it can possibly take so long?

    Does anyone have any alternative system that would be available in the UK? Realfeel doesn't appear to be available here...



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    2 Iron DjPiLL is on a distinguished road
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    I had all kinds of issues with lead times when I ordered mine, and I am in the states. If you can't buy it from a place that has them in stock you may have issues. Most of their inventory is probably in the states and they don't want to spend the extra postage to bring one back to the UK. Who knows.

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    Par Dax is on a distinguished road
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    I ordered mine from the TrueStrike reps for Canada and received mine in a few days (ordered on a Thursday and received on the following Monday). Great quick service from their Canadian dealer.

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