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    I gave my old Scotty a face lift!

    I purchased this Scotty about 5 years ago in this forum, it was pretty banged up when I bought it but the price was good. I didn't feel like spending $300 to send it back to the "Shop" so I decided to try this on my own.

    I'm actually quite proud of the final result!


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    Not bad and it only cost my $15 and about 4 hours of labor
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    Wannamaker brucestats is on a distinguished road brucestats's Avatar
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    that putter looks familiar!

    AWESOME work!
    My paycheck goes to my dogs.

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    Team Match Play Champ 2011 quinner is on a distinguished road quinner's Avatar
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    Looks great! Best way to go if you are planning on keeping it.

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    Beautiful! Great work!

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    By the way, I did a similar thing to my Mil Spec putter. I used Simichrome polish to restore the shine, but it took the paintfill off. I bought Testors model paint at the local hobby shop and re-did the paint fill to the original color scheme. I was very pleased with the results. Simichrome polish works very well on golf clubs; just be aware that it will remove paintfill.

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    5 Iron skyeoh is on a distinguished road
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    Were there any nicks and how do you remove them?

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    Consistently present SnazzyD is on a distinguished road
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    Great job! Now you have to tell us how you went about this...

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    I've done a bunch of these very similar.

    They work best on raw carbon like the older scotty's or titleist raw wedges.

    Here's my method:

    Take the head off.
    Soak in poly stripper for half hour or until the paint starts to droop.
    Use a sharp needle to clear the paint grooves everywhere on the club.
    I use a bench sander with a coarse wheel to gently sand the finish.
    Then a hand held dremel to buff out any nicks you want gone.
    Wash the club with alcohol to remove any grease and super dry it.
    Soak with gun blue - longer for more black - usually 10-15 minutes.
    Rub it with fine steel wool.
    I then spray it with a protectant, I forget the name but it's for spraying food machines to prevent water getting into the metal.
    I leave it to sit overnight.
    Next day, towel dry, rub with fine steel again.
    Spray gun oil, rub with fine steel again.
    Time - for paint fill. Lots of ways to do this - I like nail polish.

    Links to photos for refinishes I've done recently.

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