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    Putter Josephgchase is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2014

    Commercial Projector Ideas

    Hey guys! First post on the forum. We are in the process of getting loan approval for a commercial simulator facility. We are struggling with which projector to use. Each sim bay will be approximately 13' wide by 10' tall for screen and 20' deep. We are going with Foresight Kiosk for the FSX technology. Which projectors would you guys suggest and also what screen is the best? We have some general info looking for more concrete numbers and selections. Thanks!!!

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    Lob Wedge Scottliv is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2014
    Hi Joseph

    I am also on the verge of setting a simulator centre up. I think we are using one of the following

    Benq w1070

    Panasonic standard pt-vx410

    Anyone have thoughts on these? Any better?

    Can I ask why you chose the foresight K? What sims did you try?

    Also where will you be based?



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