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    golf simulator using net, commercial install

    I operate a center in an urban location where space is relatively expensive. I'm attempting to make my simulator bays smaller - so that I can fit more of them. I'm in the process of retrofitting my existing simulators and every square foot counts (high rent) - so eliminating the 18 inches behind my golf simulators is something I'm considering.

    Does anyone have any experience with an installation that uses a real projector screen (not an impact screen), an ultra short throw projector and a netting to stop the balls?

    The advantages of doing this:
    Better Image
    Silent Play
    No bounceback (seems to become an issue for me if the golfer is less than 10 feet from screen and the screen is pulled tight enough for the best possible image)
    No Screen Wear
    No worries about golf balls leaving dirt/marks
    More space efficient since 'playing area' can now be right up to wall.

    The disadvantages of doing this:
    Need to look at screen through netting
    More expensive projector

    Has anyone already done this? Has anyone seen this done before?

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    Hi hobokengolf

    Maybe you should look at the Golf Simultor Guys new studio that they just launched in Jan. I have only seen it on their videos. It has a smaller 7'6"(h)x10'(w) screen yet appears to be commercial grade. They are promoting it as a universal golf studio that can basically be used with any simulator. They say you just have to change out the center section of the mat that is simulator specific. There screens are tension screens as opposed to hanging screens to promote picture quality. Just go to their website http://www.golfsimulatorguys.com/ and they have a video on their home page on auto play that demos the studio with 3 different simulators. They also say that this studio is a tool free install that uses a projector box similar to TruGolf's technique series.

    I would like to know if anyone has one of these or has played on one yet. It appears to be an awesome alternative to the large commercial grade structures that require commercial ceiling heights.

    Hope this helps

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