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    My nephew Brady Lem is 4th in mens ski cross

    Many of you may or may not know that my nephew is Brady Leman and he is on our national men's ski cross team and Olympian. They have completed the race and I am extremely pleased of his 4th place finish. I know he wanted gold but came up against 3 skiers from France and they skied against Brady all the way down. Brady was boxed in from the beginning and each time he tried to pass, he was pushed out and prevented from completing the pass. Getting near the end of the course, he made his move but unfortunately he crossed the back of one of the French skiers and ended crashing.
    I am so proud of Brady. I know he is disappointed but he competed hard and did himself proud and did all of Canada proud.

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    Congrats to your nephew, he was super unfortunate to come up against three French skiers. Won every heat until he ran up against those three.

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