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    E6 Software guru's , Fullswing software LS (old), options?

    Hey everyone.
    Looking to help a local business stay in business!

    Looking for some info on a couple of E6 issues as well as Full Swing information.


    1- Hiding the save defaults tab on the main menu. Just figured this one out if anyone would like to know I found the line folder containing the XLM file to modify.
    2- Modifying player putt sequence so each player can put out
    3- Adding a max score per hole feature. Player picks up at 10 or auto hole out on shot 10 ??

    Old Full Swing sims

    What time of year is it more convenient to contact and receive tech support from Trugolf. So far it has been gravely inadequate and may exclude the co. from being part of a large project.

    Are they going through a change. I have been holding back judgement as I am at this point just a little fish, but am starting to vent before I blow.

    Full swing old sims.

    I have a potential client who is running a number of 1998ish LS full swing sims. They are in dire need of software upgrade. Newer sim tech is not at all in the cards. However at a min upgraded software is needed. It is really like time travel using a those systems. Not at all good with navigation and it makes it tough on new players so used to today's computing power.

    If putting was similar I would consider E6, but at this point I would consider anything. So please any software suggestions would be great. If the sims where a bit bigger I could upgrade the hardware for what full swing quoted them for the latest version of LS software and they still are stuck with the antique sims.

    Thanks for any help.
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