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    Real score vs. Simulator score ?

    Hey guys , I was just wondering what your real golf score is and your simulator score is ?

    In real golf I shoot mid eighties and on optishot I am about 8 shots better .

    I would imagine that on all sims your score should be lower.

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    My "real" handicap and my sim scores are about the same. I honestly don't play courses as much as I play with the fitting software, but your "mileage may vary." - lol

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    I do the Protee hdcp. From what I've gathered, my protee hdcp are about 4-5 better than real hdcp. When I played on the optishot or p3pro, it was more like 12-15 strokes better. Using the gc2 on proteeplay was about the same as Protee.

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    I think depending on your system being accurate will be the biggest difference. Can't speak for the Optishot but the P3pro stock settings I was able to hit -5 or -6 on rounds. Real life HC or factor is 10+. Even adjusting the P3pro to make it more real made a big change in my score there and made it harder. I can say playing on the GC2 looks a lot more like the real game as when you miss the ball by a bit is shows in actual yardage where club reading systems will still show a perfect hit.

    I think all of them can help ones game and that you can see on the real course.

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    Same with me. With the Optishot I reduced the woods by about 10%, because they hit further than in real (95% on swing speed and 95% on distance). With that my average is in the low to mid 80s vs high 80s in real. I think the better score is because I hit the greens more often in regulation, and lies off the fairway are less penalized. Even though I set the penalty for bunkers and rough higher. Maybe I should set them to the highest notch. But on the other hand - a better score gives more satisfaction.

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