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    Putter sunmenghao63 is on a distinguished road
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    About swing speed optishot

    I usually carry 140 with 7 iron, but optishot shows me just about 110 and swing speed is around 65.(normally 78)I found my optishot is not very accuracy about the swing speed. is anybody have the same problem with me? So everyone should reset the club option when we brought it home?
    or it is the normal problem with optishot and just used it? if it is a common problem,optishot is slower about how much mph?
    I am so sorry for my english.

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    Putter Golf Guy is on a distinguished road
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    Optishot has settings that allow you to adjust your distance percentages for every club, go to edit clubsets. The default is 100%, which in your case is not enough with your 7 iron. Just bump up your percentage until you start hitting the distances that you normally get with the club. Do the same right through all your clubs and you should be all set.

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    Pitching Wedge Unkynd is on a distinguished road
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    It's pretty well documented that the Optishot doesn't actually measure swing speed. It estimates it based on the club you select and the settings you put in. As a test, set your club on the optishot to a 9i and then hit a driver.... you'll get a 9i swing speed instead of a driver swing speed.

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    I had the same issues with the swing speeds for my irons. My driver was fairly accurate in regards to speed but irons were showing very low swing speeds. Using the same knowledge as stated in the previous post I took my 7 iron and selected driver on optishot. I took at least 10 shots with the 7 iron as a driver, then went into the swing stats and looked at the average speed and noted it. Then, while still using the 7 iron, I selected the 7 iron on optishot and hit at least 10 shots. Again I went into the swing stats for the 7 iron and noted the average swing speed. Take the average from the driver stats and divide it by the average from the 7 iron stats. for example 74/64 which will give you 1.156. Now edit your 7 iron and increase the speed to 116%. Now try the 7 iron as a 7 iron and you'll start to see more realistic speeds and distances.
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    bobbyj, I get the adverse effect: hitting the 6 iron with 1W selected shows a speed of 62mph, and hitting it as a 6I shows 63mph (average of 5 shots). In the first case the variation is 4mph, in the second it is 2mph.
    This also shows that my findings are not what Unkynd writes: regardless of what club I set Optishot to, the measured speed of the real club varies by only 2-4 mph.
    I did this test with my clubs 1W, 5W, 6I, and PW, resulting in 80 shots. After I calculated the averages, the result is a matrix of 4 x 4, i.e. 16 values. The woods show more spreading than the irons. The average speed of 1W was 11mph higher than PW, regardless, which club was set. This looks quite plausible to me, but I don't have the means to compare with a high quality system.

    But another thing is strange: I made the above measurments on the Optishot driving range with no balls. Yesterday I played a course with foam balls. I did not change any settings. Clubs set to default 100%, foam balls. On the course the club head speeds were much higher. With the driver always in the 90s, even over 100 with ball flight of upto 240m which is totally unrealistic for me. Why is there such a discrepancy between course and driving range?

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    Putter bobbyj is on a distinguished road
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    Lupo, I can't dispute your findings. I understand everyone hasn't seen odd variances in swing speed between clubs like some of us have. I did my test with a real ball and know that using a foam ball or no ball will also produce different swing speeds. I know very little about how Optishot developers calculate the swing speed from the data that is collected from the hardware, but it seems for some people the irons were being under calculated. Not sure if that is a function of software, hardware, lighting, etc. or a combination of any of those variables. Bottom line is making adjustments so the product is somewhat consistent and accurate which makes it a lot more fun.

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    Interesting observations guys. I think one of the best features in the optishot is the power to tweak your clubsets to match (as much as possible) your real clubs. Also if you use no ball or foam ball the clebhead will pass faster over the rows of sensors and give you more club head speed.

    See you on the links

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