This is a weekly NHL Suicide Pool which will begin on Saturday December 7th, 2013.
Participants will choose a team from the Saturday NHL games, if the team chosen wins then the participant advances to the next week if not they are eliminated. Picks must be submitted by 1pm ET every Saturday, if a participant misses the deadline they are eliminated. A participant cannot choose the same team twice, once a team is picked for one week that team is no longer available to the participant. The last participant standing wins the $10,000 prize. The cost of entering is $50/team, participants can enter as many teams as they would like. If for whatever reason there are not 250 participants then the prize will be equal to 80% of the pot (for example if 150 register, 150 * $50 = $7,500 of which 80% = $6,000 will be awarded to the winner). If at the end of the regular season there is more than one participant remaining the prize will be split evenly among those remaining.


The pool will be hosted at and prior to paying your entry fee online you are required to create an account on Suicide Pools.


Pay the $50 entry fee by clicking on the following button, please ensure to click on the option to enter your Suicide Pools Username and enter it in the box prior to completing the transaction:


Log into your Suicide Pools account, click on the option "Join a Pool" in your main menu then enter the security code that will be sent to the e-mail you provided in the Paypal form. You will now be registered for the CCBHA - Relay for Life Suicide Pool! Good Luck!

Relay for Life:

The proceeds from this Suicide Pool will go towards the Relay for Life. The Relay is a great event held each year to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society which is the most significant organization in the fight against cancer. Not only does the Canadian Cancer Society raise funds for research to find a cure but it puts forth efforts to raise awareness and provide information to Canadians in order to allow them to make more healthy choices to help prevent cancer.
For more information on the fund you can visit the website here.

*Please note
The prize for winning the Suicide Pool will be $10,000 if a minimum of 250 participants register, otherwise the prize will be 80% of the prize pool. For example if 150 people register the prize pool will be $7,500 and therefore the prize to the winning participant would be $6,000