A priest who is also a mad keen golfer is desperate to get a game in after a long snowed in winter. The weather finally clears and the conditions are fine enough to get out for a game, but the only available time was an early Sunday morning clashing with his Sunday Mass duties.

He tells a huge white lie to the Nuns that he's sick and bed ridden then sneaks out for his early morning round.
St Peter notices the priest getting ready to tee off, and being a Sunday he reports it to God as the Priest should be taking Mass. "Leave it to me" God says disappointed with the Priest's actions.

With that, the Priest hits the ball for an incredible 330+ yard drive and lands beautifully on the green with just enough roll for the perfect hole in one!!

"I don't get it?" St Peter comments to God, "One of you servants has just deserted his flock on the Holy Day and you reward him?'
God simply replies "Leave it to me"

The Priest tees off again, this time scoring an amazing eagle on one of the most difficult holes on the course. Again St Peter questions Gods judgment. The Priests incredible round ends with an incredible seven holes in one, multiple Eagles and Birdies easily smashing the course record.

St Peter totally bewildered has to ask God one last time "Why did you reward him even though he broke his vow to serve you? What sort of punishment is that"

God simply replies "Who's he going to tell?"