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    Black Mist finish - can you remove it?

    Is there a way to remove the finish off of a GoLo; and if so, what colour would it be underneath?

    1. I like the look of the satin finish on some of the Tour Only GoLos, and
    2. a particular GoLo I am looking at buying has some terrible! custom paint on it so I will need to get that off. Not sure if the black finish will react the same as removing paint from other finishes, etc...

    Just looking for some experiences overall working with the black mist finish (i.e. completely removing it, or just removing excess paint from sight lines, etc...).


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    Paint is easy to remove...acetone based paint remover/thinner will take care of that. To remove that black finish, you'd have to take it to a metal plater. They get dipped in solution and electric current bonds/removes the plating.

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