Ok everyone, let's hear it... WHo will be the Playoff Teams in the East? And who is your team?

Not in any order, I have :

Penguins, Flyers, Rangers, Bruins, Hurricanes, Habs, Sabres and Sens...

I am iffy on the Sabres, so maybe the Caps can get their stuff together and make it instead...

I am a Habs fan and am actually looking forward to this year. Last year everything possible went wrong, knee-jerk reaction trades were made, they had more injuries than any team and couldn't recover.
With the additions of Prust and Armstrong they have much needed grit. Markov and Gionta are almsot like new signings because they hardly played last year.
Gomez is gone which breathes fresh air into the team.
Galchenyuk could be the added spark they need.
Eller has added almost 20 lbs of muscle and with Bourque and Moen as a 3rd line, they could actually be the surprise of the team.

Anyways, let's hear what you've got...