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Thread: grip size

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    Putter zigfread is on a distinguished road
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    grip size

    A question for all the club makers. Im getting a set of my irons regripped, and the fitter suggested building up the lower end of the grip. so basically it would taper much lower....and stay the same size from the end of the grip down. I normally use a midsize grip. My question is ...would building the lower end of the grip up to alomost match the top end hinder my release? Or could it lend to a slice?? My ball flight now is a slight draw...which i do not want to lose. The fitter was saying he had done this to his clubs lately because he had active hands and this slowed them down and felt great. Im not really in the same boat. so what are the benefits of this...or will it just hinder me.

    thanks, any help would be great

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    Let's assume that your clubmaker is correct in his assesment. Have him regrip just one club and give it a try. If it jives then go for the whole set. If not you will have wasted only 6 bucks. If your natural ball flight is a draw I doubt very seriously that you will all the sudden start slicing the ball. Besides you can buy straight taper grips therefore no need to build up.

    There is a new grip out there called the release and it is built just the opposite of a standard grip i.e smaller under the left hand and bigger over the right hand. They claim that this set up reduces or eliminate slices. Wether it's true or not is another story but if you have a little extra time check it out.

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    Putter zigfread is on a distinguished road
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    Cool, thanks for the reply. I guess i will give it a try and see what happens.

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