I keep talking myself out of spending that kind of money on a putter, but I have to admit, every time I go to Golftown, I inevitably end up trying and wanting a Scotty - the feel, sound, balance - everything about it is superior to anything else in the store. One exception - the look...specifically, the look of the hosel. I HATE the plumber/goose-neck putter hosel with a passion. Even my beloved Anser had the simpler, cleaner looking C style hosel. My putting dream com true - a Newport 1.5 in LH...that would be a putter as sweet to look at as to roll. My question - why do they leave us Lefties out in the cold on this one???

As of right now, my options are a Del Mar or a Ping Anser 6 - the Del Mar slightly edging in feel and grip, the Ping winning in look, swing feel, and performance in general. If the Newport 1.5 came in LH, it would probably nudge out the Anser with little difficulty.