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    NFL Suicide Pool

    I set up an NFL Suicede Pool for the 2012 season at Private Game Name: 'OG2012-25'.

    I set up our annual NFL Suicide Pool at . The Private Game is: 'TGN2012-25'

    Entry Fee is 2500 Tokens for the season, ($25.00). Winner take all.

    For anybody who has not played a suicide pool, the rules are quite straightforward:

    - Pick the winning team of any of the games each week. NO POINT SPREAD, just pick a winner.
    - Once you have picked a team, you may not use that team again.
    - If your team WINS , you move on to play another week, if not, thanks for coming out.
    - Your team must WIN, if your team ties, you are eliminated.
    - Last person standing take the pot.

    Use PROMO CODE: NFL2012 when you make a deposit, and get an extra 10% in tokens. ( Promo Code closes July 15,2012).

    Any questions....PM me.
    Playing Fantasy Golf at [URL=""][/URL]

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    Pitching Wedge jpf80 is on a distinguished road
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    Does anyone have info on Capones football pool? I know it's 200 to enter
    Do they keep alot of the pot? Any other info please let me know

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    We had a good run and were getting excited until Dallas crushed our dreams last night.

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