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Thread: Face Repair

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    Face Repair

    I have a small ding on the face of my newport 2.7 and am looking to get it fixed. Not too sure how i would go about doing so, so if anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction that would be great.
    I'd prefer to get it done locally (in the ottawa area) but wouldn't be opposed to sending it off if necessary.


    Any info on how much this would run me would also be great

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    Wow, that looks almost exactly the same damage as my 2.7. I'm interested in seeing what you find out.

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    The Cameron custom shop might be able to fix it however it probably won't be on the cheap side. They would most likely charge you the restoration fee. If you go that route you might want to look at adding some more customization to it, to try and make it worth while. I believe you get certain items (grip, paintfill) included with a restoration. It's all outlined on the website.

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    I've had dings in the topline buffed out by a gunsmith...not gouges on the face though...a quick skim to remill might be in order. As long as it doesn't affect play (doesn't look to be in the sweet spot), I'd leave it as is. Now it is really your putter.

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