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    Building a backyard sim


    I am building this since there is no room to make one inside. I am looking for suggestions.

    1.) dark enough inside so the projected image looks bright.
    2.) ENough sturdiness to withstand weather/rain, but possibly able to be broken down and transported

    Power would be supplied from an extension cord. I already have:
    -Durapro 3x5 mat (how does this compare to trustrike?)
    -Projector (Optoma 750e short throw [1080p short throw is $$$$])

    I'd like to throw a pretty big image (8' tall seems plenty) for immersion. I looked at the pr-20, seems affordable, but is the image good enough with its meshy surface?

    Considering ceiling or floor projector mounting. if floor, would probably build a small platform so that the projector is under the feet/mat. I have no clue if this is a good idea. THe projector has no siee/side keystone so i'd have to be directly centered.

    To block out light - use tarp? #1 focus is accuracy of the sim, next would be the immersion with the visuals. I'd like to use budget-minded parts for the frame/netting as long as they hold up.

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    3 Iron HRS is on a distinguished road
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    That's a tough one. Without the brightness requirement it's easy - just a net cage. I think anything opaque enough to block light is also going to catch wind and be a giant sail which will require sturdy mounting both of the material and the frame. If it isn't secured in the ground it is a big cloth cube which would be both funny and painful to watch blowing around the yard like a huge craps table. Even the brightest projectors are not so bright without good light control. I've done sims both with the projector and also just glancing at the laptop screen after the shot. If you're doing it for practice that is probably fine. If you are planning it more for course play and having people over you'll probably want the fuller immersion of the projector which might not be practical (unless you have tons of money and room to basically build a big shed).

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    Have you thought about renting a building/ room in your area?

    Once we put up the impact screen and projector out on the deck for a movie and a game in the night.
    Even it was nearly windless the screen was still moving a little and we never did that again.

    That said if you build a proper roof you could use shade net for the sides. You can get them from 40% to 90%. They will block out a good deal of the sunlight.
    But the cost for a structure that will last outside will be high!
    Might make more sense to rent or even move?

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    Hopelessly Addicted jsttaylor is on a distinguished road jsttaylor's Avatar
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    Why wouldn't you buy one of those small temporary car shelters/garage? Install a black tarp inside once erected to block out light.
    Born to Golf Forced to Work

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    Thank you. I did not consider wind, good call. However, the backyard never seems to have much wind (surrounded by woods on both sides, tall house in neighbors yard).

    I definitely plan to use a projector (already purchased), so light control is mandatory. I've looked into portable garages [which may be an option], but trying to stay super budget.

    So it seems I should look into a shade net to let air pass through. I was considering building the frame with PVC, and only using golf netting where necessary, and use tarp (or shade netting or equivalent) around the rest of the area to control light.

    Anyone have experience with the PR-20 netting?

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    l posted this else where but the highest shipping container is 8ft 10in high inside and 7ft 8 1/2in wide. plenty of length- over 39 ft

    cost is cheap $2000 ?
    40' High-cube steel container

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    $2000 is not cheap (to me)

    I'm thinking more along the lines of PVC pipe, tarp

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    Postaholic CPA is on a distinguished road
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    Melbourne, Land of Oz.
    1 storm later and you will regret. For that size room it is a cheap option.

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    Parents will most likely let me do this in our open ended garage. Will just need a big tarp to block out light, a prjection screen, and some netting for overhead?

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