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    SUPER SWING TRAINER - swing plane trainer

    I am selling a Super Swing Trainer. You stand in the middle of it and swing your club along the hoop to keep you on plane

    - made out of PVC - no issues leaving it outside!
    - use your normal clubs without modification
    - one main hoop for average height golfers, one smaller hoop that gets attached for shorter golfers
    - The plane can be adjusted up and down for a flatter or more vertical swing plane (uses simple bolts through pre-drilled holes in the PVC to adjust)

    It's pretty cool if you're working on fixing your swing plane because it gives you complete feedback. 5-10 minutes at a time is really all you need to groove a swing over time. The first time I tried it I thought it was warped. Turns out my swing was - an unreal feeling to understand the difference between what I was doing and a single plane swing.

    CONDITION: This is probably 4 years old I'm guessing. The PVC is unfinished (it has the standard PVC red lettering on it, etc.). It's been moved a couple of times, was outside, and was in a basement for a while, so it could use a quick treatment of steel wool or something if you want to make it look better / clean it up a bit. Other than the normal wear from assembling / disassembling it's in good shape. There is one broken piece on it - an attachment bracket for the smaller hoop that broke during our last move. I have ordered a replacement piece - not sure how long that will take. I assume in the next couple of weeks. Assuming you'd want that, I wouldn't ship the thing until it comes in. I don't think I still have the elastic bands that came with it. I found them to be very annoying and time consuming to figure them out - never ended up using them. But I will look for them before sending if you care, but assume I can't find them.

    PRICE: Selling for $100 + whatever it costs to ship the thing from the US zipcode 49024 (Portage, Michigan). Paypal for payments. It's in a rather large box - 7 ft long x 21" wide x 6" deep. Probably weighs 40-50 pounds. You tell me how you want it shipped (service, # days, etc.) and pay based on that.

    Here is a link to the website for more info on how it works, etc.

    Here is a picture of it in use, although that guy doesn't appear to need the second hoop, just an advertising picture.

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    Swing Trainer


    My name is John and I was wondering if you still had the trainer for sale? I live in Richland and would like to have it. Please let me know and thanks.


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