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    Short Throw Projection

    Trying to research short throw projectors and i keep hitting a wall. Anyone have any experience with them. Trying to keep it in the 700-800 dollar range. And need to get a 10x10 display.

    The closer i can get to the screen and still fill it up the better. I just cant tell if epson vs. dell vs. infocus is any better from that stand point. I mean the better the projector the closer you can get to the screen and still get a nice big display??

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    I'm out of date with current models but have run Epson in the past and still run an Infocus (2705). Both manufacturers had short and long throw models.

    Have a play with the calculator on Infocus's site and it will tell you for their models the maximum image you can get given your mounting distance. I'd hope the other manufacturers have a similar calculator.

    Mounting distance, mounting height and zoom also determine the vertical position on the wall too, so you'll have to do a bit of playing to see if it'll work for you. You don't want to tilt the projector to position the image vertically if you can get away with it, as the resulting skewed image will have to be (keystone) corrected which is never ideal.

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