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Thread: Tour Striker

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    Tour Striker

    Well I watched the infomercial long enough and ended up buying an 8 Iron tour striker. ( The club that makes you keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact so you hit down on the ball) . I find it useful on the range for certain things.
    When I first got it I hit it perfectly and was upset because I thought that was something I really wasnt doing. I was told by area instructors that I flipped at the ball.

    But I find it a good warm up club and when I am in the middle of a large bucket at the range I will pull it out again to make sure my technique is on. If your hands are even with the ball or a bit behind you will not hit this club. Does anyone else have one? and if so what do you think? What other drills have you found you can do with it?
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    Tour striker

    I own one as well but I gave it to a friend. I have found that it doesn't work for me when I get over the ball in a round. I think seeing the beveled edge when on the range it make me really pay attention to lagging the club. But when I cant see the edge then I just revert back to the old classic flip. I am working on buying a Impact snap training aide something I can practice while at home watching golf. Good luck with the tour striker. I also heard that the tour striker has a hot face but who knows.

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