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    Lessons/Instructor Recommendations

    Hey guys,

    I live out in central Ottawa (Somerset/Preston area) and I think it's time for me to start looking into some lessons to try and help push my game to that next level. I'm not a total beginner and I have a pretty good understanding of all the elements that make up the game and the golf swing, sometimes it's just hard to know exactly what you are doing and how you are executing it.

    I typically shoot around the high 90s. I'm looking for some recommendations as to where to take some lessons and who to take them from. I have a feeling some analysis and drills given by a professional will help me be a more consistent player, and help me with what i need most - consistent ball striking and control. I can normally get it out there but often times i veer left/right with the odd duffer.

    The easier it is for me to get to wherever the lessons are being held the better.

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    From my own personal experience, and from feedback from others, you couldn't go wrong with choosing either Joe Dubinski at the 19th Tee driving range or Marc Levac our of the Mer Bleu driving range in Orleans.
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    there is a new guy at greyhawk that i've taken lessons from a few times this year, he's new to the area. helped me fine tune a few things. his name is Joe Diflorio. pm me if you would like his number.

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    around here
    I would also recommend Warren Grant (Manderly & Greensmere) and Colin Orr (Falcon Ridge). They both also offer lessons indoors during the winter months if you want to continue working on your swing in the off-season.

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    Greg Foley

    I had a great experience with Greg Foley. Changed my game completely. He is working out of Kevin Haimes.

    Just another lefty....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Johnny69 View Post
    From my own personal experience, and from feedback from others, you couldn't go wrong with choosing either Joe Dubinski at the 19th Tee driving range or Marc Levac our of the Mer Bleu driving range in Orleans.
    I just called and booked a session with Joe for tuesday. I need to find out what's going on with my swing. One day it is good the next it isn't. This is not making me feel confident anymore.
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    Had my first lesson last week with marc levac. Seing consistency at the range!!
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    Colin Orr...great teacher, super bloke. I have had lessons with him (about 6 a year) for 2 years. As a teacher and an experienced coach myself I recommend him very highly

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    Just a thought, but there are so many threads like this that it would make sense to have one thread 'stickied' at the top of the local section or instruction section. In that thread insert a poll in it and have the names of the popular teachers in the Ottawa area:

    Greg Foley,
    Kevin Haime,
    Colin Orr,
    Joe Dubinsky,
    Marc Levac,
    Danielle Nadon,
    Warren Grant,
    or other. ...

    I've tried Colin Orr and I love going to see the 'bloke'.

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    I had a lesson with Gred Foley at golftown. What I liked about Greg was he takes a video of your swing puts it up on screen and when you take it home to watch it you can hear his critique. He then will put you in a split screen with a pro and show the difference. It shows I cup my wrist at the top of my backswing which causes my club face to be a bit open at impact causing a slice. He showed me the remedy and I worked on it, I found it a bit uncomfortable so I sort of made up my own but with out his lesson I would still be whacking away without a cure.

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    In no particular order:
    Joe Dubinsky: amazing guy. Had a driver lesson with him. Did not change my swing but changed everything around my swing: ball position, aim, etc... to work around my slight over the top swing. Immediate result. Had a blast during the lesson and we laughed a lot. 19th tee
    Joel Michaud: amazing guy. Bilingual, a plus for me. I hate him because he coaches my 15 years old son who now outdrives the old guy by 50 yards and more and who shot par on 9 holes last week with one eagle and a birdie to beat his dad for the first time. Works at the best practice facility in the region at the Canadian. Highly recommended.
    Dave Druken, amazing guy. Works at T to green and the Danielle Nadon golf school: Loch March, Greyhawk, etc... Worked a lot with Dave in the winter time and it's always a pleasure to benefit of his knowledge of the swing and of the game.

    Picking a prof is a very personal thing to do and myself, I will not go with anyone out of this list.

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    Steve over at Mountain Creek has done wonders for my short game - I'll be seeing him again shortly for fairway woods.

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    I would also put a plug in for Colin Orr.

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