A Priest decides that he wants to go play a round of golf on a sunday for a change, so he plans ahead and finds someone to do his sermon for him, careful not to mention that he wants to play golf instead. A saint from heaven saw right through his plan and asked God, " Your not gonna let him get away with that are you?" God replies,"of course not". So when Sunday came the priest went to a course way out of town, hoping not to run into anyone he knows. Its a beautiful day and he sets up on the first tee, its a 395 yard par 4. The priest pulls out his driver and connects perfectly. The ball flies through the air, lands 15' in front of the fringe, bounces twice before rolling into the hole...The priest is speachless...he drops to his knees in amazement...When the saint saw this he said to God, "I thought you said you weren't gonna let him get away with this!!!!" then God started to laugh, he turned over, smiled at the Saint and said, "who's he gonna tell?"