If you listen(ed) to Kevin Haime's show on the radio this morning, two of his guests are Brian Benedictson and Todd Halpen - the inventors of the Swinkey, a great multipurpose training tool.

In a nutshell, the Swinkey is:

1. A fitness bar/stretching pole
2. A setup system
3. A driver protector (3 inches longer than standard 45")
4. An adjustable weight "heavy" club
5. A putting trainer

Brian and Todd are Canadian Tour players that had an idea based on travelling with too many training aids in their bags. They figured that if they could combine a whole bunch of aids based on the "fundamentals," they would have a product that could benefit every golfer. It's not based on a certain swing "style" or teaching "philosophy" so it's great for any golfer.

If you are interested in purchasing a great training tool, let me know and I'll be happy to order one for you and have it shipped to you. You can order one on the website directly for $99.99 (less my 10% promo code - PM for details), OR if you want the Swinkey logoed for additional cost, also PM me and I can tell you all about what you can do.