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    Thumbs down Pineview

    Greens on the Championship course overall were poor. All grass, but obvious repairs, bumpy, shaggy and some had still to recover from punching/sanding. Fairways were rock hard, as were the greens. I had thought this course was coming up but since I last played in 2008 it seems to have stalled if not slid back. Lots of craters or grassless areas. Only yardage markers were the standard fairway disks. Once upon a time they had a small bush at the 150, but no more. Once upon a time they had yardage markers on each of their sprinkler heads, no more, even though there appears to be many new sprinkler heads. Overall maintenance was indicative of a municipal golf course. Tee boxes were unlevel, pitted and heavily sanded, yet cut so short you could seen more dirt than grass. No garbage pails anywhere, lots of debris on the fairways (dirt or cuttings) and no marshalls. Very busy and slow (4:45) yet no marshalls to move things along. On the positive side they have done a lot to make their rough, less so, in keeping with a municipal rather than an upper end course, fair, not punishing. I'll go back, but it won't be in my top five.

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    I would have to agree with most of the things you mentioned here. I played there last night at about 5:30 on the championship and it was in pretty rough shape. Definitely has some work before it's in good shape for summer. Fiarways were solid made alot of my drives run out over 275+ (not a bad thing )... The greens were not the greatest either. I had a good game though and it was a good time out. I will check it out again but like you said... Not in my top 5... nor 10. It is a fairly good layout though.

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    Yea I was really disappointed in it as well. Most disappointing were the sandy/rocky greens and the non-existant yardage markers. I forgot my SkyCaddie in my car for the first 9 but got it afterwards, thank god! Definitely won't be playing there anytime soon I don't think.

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    Yardage Markers

    Don't want to slam these guys as they are doing the best with what they (The City) got.. but... as I sat and enjoyed my post game beverage, I watched several gardners planting flowers around the back of the club house. Now this is nice, but this is a golf course, but I get the impression they were preparing it for a wedding or some other non-golf related event. Based on what I saw today they could not get any more people on the course... both parking lots were full... so maybe there is no incentive, but yardage markers, raked traps and decent greens are all things any golfer should expect. Maybe this is local government in action, there is a different department for flowers, traps, greens....and NO ONE is talking to the others.

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    I played Pineview today for the first time in 3 year and will not returning for at least another 3

    Some tee boxes were in pretty bad shape and unleveled, some women's teeboxes were just two markers in the fairway (no teebox).The non-existant yardage sticks (frisbee type markers only) is also very annoying.

    Looks like they are building a driving range between holes #9 and 10
    This has the potential of being a vary bad idea. Who wants to walk in between two fairways to get to a driving range? Not to mention the chances of getting hit from people teeing off on #10.

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    What do expect for $37, it's cheap to play and the conditions correlate with the price....

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