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    First Lesson Ever

    I, like many other folks played 3-5 rounds of golf a year for 25 years and never learned to swing the club with anything bordering on consistency or power.

    I don't know why but last year I got seriously addicted to golf. I did a lot of self sudy, read a lot, practiced tons, played lots and got myself down to a 17 handicap with a personal best of 78 this year. The game of golf certainly is a lot more enjoyable for me now.

    I knew all along that I was probably doing some non-standard things with my swing but what I was doing really worked in terms of accuracy and scoring. Up until last week my driver could do no wrong, my mid-range game was average and my short game (inside 20 yards and putting) was great.

    The only real issue was power. In spite of the fact that I was hitting 235-260 off the tee (dead straight), my fairway woods, hybrids and mid-irons were weak. 3 wood 180-210, 6 iron 130, 7 iron 120, 8 iron 110, 9 iron 100 etc..

    So........I decided to take a lesson. I called Kevin Haime's and got a great reception on the phone, booked a time and headed over. Again, the reception was very enthusiastic and pleasant from the front desk staff. I warmed up and waited for the instuctor, looking forward to learning and hopefully improving.

    That's where the experience got a lot less pleasant. My instructor introduced himself and asked me to hit a few shots. His dismay was more than apparent and his comments were downright sour, bordering on insulting. His manner was impatient overall and I had the distinct impression that he did not want to be there instructing yet another misguided middle-aged amateur. We went throught the video analysis and I was not surprised to find that I had a real problem with my set up. Fair enough. What ensued was a very dry and technical instruction session. Then more ball hitting where I couldn't make contact with the new and stange feeling set-up. Then I was left alone to flail away for ten minutes or so. The wrap up consisted of a technically correct and very dry summary of the lesson with a suggestion to continue with more instruction.

    This lesson had virtually no positive feedback, no interplay, no discussion. Just a real take it or leave it attitude and a overly serious (in my view) approach which completely sucked the fun out of the exercise for me.

    I've seen a few comments about the KH golf school on this forum. Some good, some bad. I have every confidence that what I was taught was technically correct and professional in that sense. However, the lesson was so deflating that I will be looking elsewhere for an instructor that inspires me rather than making me feel hopeless.

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    I will be looking elsewhere for an instructor that inspires me rather than making me feel hopeless.
    It is always a matter of gettin a "gel" going between you and the instructor. It may take 3. 6 or 12 guys to find the right one, bet when you do you will know it.
    You now know where to start (working on your setup) and hopefully will retain what needs to be fixed, so keep working on that for now. Even without the "gelling" it sounds like you got something out of your time with him.
    Good luck with the search for the right instructor for you. Don't give up.

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    Thanks for the comments Dan.

    What I want from an instruction experience is motivation as much as technical information. There are a lot of sources where you can learn a classic set up for free. What you don't get is the interaction that a good coach can use to motivate students.

    The only thing I got of value for the session was the video analysis. It was obvious that I was not setting up properly (my home-made swing had me open at address and over the ball too much). As far as the actual instruction went, it left a lot to be desired.

    Golf is a game, it is supposed to be fun and recreational. If I went there with the stated intention of getting to the PGA tour, I would expect a very purposeful, professional and perhaps even brutal approach to coaching. What I wanted was a way to enhance my enjoyment of the game. I didn't get it so I will continue looking for an instructor that offers up some chemistry as well as technical information.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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