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Thread: Broken Driver

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    Broken Driver

    During my last round...the usual ping of my Nike driver changed subtly and lost a little of its sharpness. It's one of the original Nike Sumo drivers and I know they are well-known for the volume of the ping off the club. Is there a way for me to tell if I broke this driver and it has lost its jump?

    I'm not noticing a huge decrease in performance but the sound/pitch is different. I don't see any visible cracks or damage to the club head.


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    Sometimes the very small cracks are hard to see.

    The places they usually fail are along the crown, about 1/2 a cm from the face, or on the sole about the same distance back.

    Sometimes you will also see a crack on the face.

    If you can't see one, submerge the head in water and if you see bubbles or if you hear sloshing after you take it out (leave it in for a couple of hours) then you've got a crack.
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    When was the round? If it was a late season round, and the club was colder than usual, the sound may have changed as a result.

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