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    Sand Wedge navanman is on a distinguished road
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    Looking for golf partners

    The wife and I are looking for other couples(retired-or-almost) to play golf around the Ottawa area. We aren't great players, but we can always keep up with the group in front. We would love to hear from you.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Be sure to post in the "Arrange a game" forum to set up games with other forum users.

    Also check out 2nd Annual OG Couples Golf Fun Day it's in your backyard next month and will be a great way to meet other golfing couples.
    Life dinnae come wit gimmies so yuv got nae chance o' gitt'n any from me.

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    How does one send attachments, ie photos of clubs. I have the photos on my digital camera and at sometime would like to send them. On Kijjii it is very easy, here not too sure.
    Thanks George

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