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    Question oversize grip act as counter weight

    Any thoughts from the following thread?


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    Yes, the extra weight would in fact act as a backweight.

    It should be noted that not everyone likes a backweighted putter. I added one to mine a month or so ago and while I haven't been sinking as many as I would like, I am rolling the ball really well. My misses are more of an aim/read problem right now.
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    The heavier the grip, the more backweighting it is experiencing.

    Some putters have up to 150g of backweight and no grip will go there.

    I got a 100g backweight with the 220g shaft (twice normal weight) in my Sizemore and it's heavy to pick up, but in the playing position its very balanced and doesn't feel heavy at all. Easily the best putter I've ever owned or played.

    Grip size the only other concern as you have to like (and fit) the size. Personally the Jumbo's arn't for me.
    Thanks, Dan
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