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    dancin dogg simulator? need suggestions

    hi all.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Dancin' Dogg golf simulator and could give me their opinion on this unit.

    Is it accurate?
    400$ is not expansive for a simualtor... but really a lot for a simple toy.
    I can't find any usefull reviews on internet

    I'm a newbye of golf, and i was wondering if this unit can help me this winter.

    Any comments will be appreciated.

    sry for my english

    me ----> italian

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    Hybrid keble is on a distinguished road
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    I did some research on this. dancin dogg is fairly accurate in this price range simulator. It's similar to p3pro, dancin dogg just has less sensors than p3pro. well, you can't expect too much on this simulator. I bought p3pro for myself. coz there are reviews for p3pro, and they have been in the market for years now. dancin dogg is too new.

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    Dancin dogg doesn't notice if u top the ball or not, and it is not a golf simulator but shot simulator, so if u want to do 18 hole u have to play tiger woods series...

    and what about p3pro swing?
    How is "to hit" on that material?

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    Hybrid keble is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2005
    p3pro can't read top shots, and launch angle as well. it tells u ur swing path, distance, etc. but you have option to play golf course. in the golf course, the sensor read ur swing path too. so, u CAN slice or hook when u play golf course mode. not like dancin dogg, when u play tiger woods game, ur shot is straight all the time I heard.

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