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    Bogie Kakarot is on a distinguished road
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    gps, range finders... etc

    So..... are these worth the time and money? I have the iphone and it has alot of appz I can download... that claims I can use it just like a golf gps... I just do not know if I can trust it...

    thoughts or ideas on

    Can the iphone with the proper software be a golf gps....

    should I just get a golf made one, and which ones at that?


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    GolfPig of the Year 2006 Golfbum is on a distinguished road
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    I recently bought a Sky Caddie SG2.5. It is great. We played a new course the other day and it tells you the yardage to bunkers, etc so you know what to hit off the tee.
    Yardages into the greens is great too, front, middle back.
    At the course I work at those yardages to the greens are very helpful. Our flags are 3 different colours so you know where it is located on the green. Bring the Sky Caddie out and presto there is your yardage.
    It's up to you to pull the right club and hit the shot
    Best $250 I spent on golf equipment this summer.

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    I swear by my pinseeker.......you can get yardages to anything and everything including that slow foursome in front of you

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    Bogie Kakarot is on a distinguished road
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    I do not mind buying one, I also think it would be useful... not that I can hit it where I want

    but, I just do not know if the iphone, with golf software would do as good of a job...

    like caddy.me lite says it uses your actual position on the course and existing aerial pictures... etc
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