My son who is a leftie player always struggled finding just the right equipment, as the selection both Components and Name Brand was pretty thin 5 to 10 years ago for the LH'ed player.

We are happy to report after 10 years his golf bag is pretty much set for the next 10+ years:

Driver - Callaway Ti 454 9*, XX-flex, 45"
Fairway Woods - Titleist 906F2 - 3W, 5W
Hybrid - Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood - 3/20
Irons - Mizuno Forged MP-30's - 4 to 9-Iron
Wedges - Vokey 200 Chrome - 50 / 54 / 58
Putter - YES Callie, UST Freq. Filtered, BCG
Golf Ball - Titleist Pro V1x
Golf Bag - PING Hoofer 2
Clubs Retro Fitted 'Balanced & Blueprinted' by TourIQ

Except for the Titleist 906F2 fairway metals, I have all of the heads pulled together to build a duplicate set of the above. His duplicate driver and putter are already assembled. As you can see, most of what he plays is now discontinued.

This set is a far cry from his early sets. I reshafted a 3-Iron Backflow+ which was his 1st iron set 10 years ago, and he hit it again for the first time just a week ago. The 1st club we ever built. He said it felt terrible with so much vibration he didn't want to keep hitting it on the range. He also hit his 1st decent driver, a GS Ti 260 and it had the distance of a fairway metal. The equipment sure has gotten better.