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    Question Putting to or Past the cup

    I have recently had trouble with my shorter putts, inside six feet. I think it is mental as I note I am not following through which seems to be due to my (temporary) loss of confidence. Yesterday I had one under three feet and it was going straight for the center of the cup when it dove left as it started to slow down.

    My question is this, on relatively flat and straight putts do you putt TO the cup (die into it) or do you put PAST the cup to avoid any imperfections or unseen break near the cup?

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    On long putts I go for a speed that, if missed, will stop 12-18" past the hole.

    On short putts with little break, putt for the back of the hole "with authority" to take the break out of it. If missed, it should be no more than 12" past the hole.

    Severe breaking putts (sidehill) or downhill I try to die it as close as possible just past the hole, as they can gain speed and get away on you easily.

    100% of short putts don't go in.
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    Well said Dan!!

    Follow those thoughts & you'll be fine

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