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Thread: Lead Tape

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    Lead Tape

    Bought some lead tape at GT and the package states that each piece adds 2 swing weights? I have no idea how many grams that is. Does anybody know? I want to add 5-10 grams of weight to my driver. Is lead tape the best way to do this barring changing to a heavier shaft?

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    To answer your question, 8 inches of standard 1/2-inch [wide] lead tape adds approximately 3.5 grams of weight. On a driver, somewhere between 2 and 3 grams should add up to one swingweight point.
    So...doing the math... your pieces should weigh pretty close to 5 grams each I am guessing. Two should do it.
    Others may have more experience doing it this way... I usually lead tape to a target swingweight or add strips piece by piece until I get to a point when it 'feels' right.
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    2 gr club head weight = 1 swing weight point

    Like Reid said the best way to find the right amount to add is to head to the range with some impact decals. Apply tape bit by bit until you make consistant centre face contact or until the club feels right. Once you find your ideal swingweight and if the sight of lead tape gets on your nerves your clubmaker can add weight via the hosel/clubhead.
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