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    Pinnacle Exception

    For those of us who really like this ball, Pinnacle has "officially" replaced it with the Pinnacle Platinum starting this year. But, not so fast. Acushnet is still producing these for Dick's Sporting Goods in the US. I just picked some up this weekend in Syracuse. They come in a double-dozen box (24 balls) for $25 US. Great deal for a great performing ball.
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    2 dozen eh?!!!!

    Might have to pick some up when im in the US of A...if we have a round like nation we both may need a couple dozen! wow that was awful! well what I can remember anyways!

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    I buy the mint ones from knet ebay and they arrived looking like brand new. I paid the equivalent of $10 a dozen. Even more of a bargain than paying $25 from US.
    PS that worked out to that price including taxes and shipping ($63 for six dozen inc tax and shipping).
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